Why learn Ruby on Rails?

For the following reasons:
  • Easy to setup and get started
  • Ruby on Rails allows you to quickly build web applications
  • Ruby on Rails allows you to grow as Full-Stack developer
  • The underline language Ruby is easy to understand
  • Rails community is active and supportive
  • Ruby on Rails skills are in high demand

Ruby on Rails

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways!

By having hands-on along with me, you will:
  • Learn to setup the Ruby on Rails project
  • Learn to get your first Ruby on Rails web project
  • Understand the MVC Architecture
  • Learn to use CSS framework like Bootstrap with Rails
  • Learn to create migrations to update the database
  • Understand Rails project structure
  • Play around with the database using Rails console

About Instructor


Budh Ram Gurung (BRG)

BRG is an IT Teacher, Educator, Mentor, Full Stack Engineer, Social Coder and a Researcher.
He has around 10 years of IT Experience including Full Stack Web Development, QA Automation, DevOps softwares development and Open Source community management.
Following his passion, he switch from core software development to teaching in 2019 and has been teaching, counselling students to become a good professional engineers.

Workshop Details

Workshop Details

Ruby on Rails is one of the popular Web framework built on top of one of the popular language Ruby. The latest version of Rails 6+ comes with many modern features which helps building modern web applications quickly.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn from basic concepts like building a small web app to understaing complex concepts like database records management and using CSS framework.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule

10:00 AM Introduction & icebreakers
10:15 AM Installation and Setup of Ruby on Rails
10:30 AM Getting the basic CRUD app
11:30 AM Break
11:45 AM Play around with Rails Console to manage database
12:15 PM Add styling to project using Bootstrap 4
1:00 PM Recap, Q & A and Takeaways

NOTE: The duration may extand by half an hour.

Workshop Details


  • Laptop or Computer
  • Working knowledge of Computer
  • Ruby language basics
  • Enthusiasm to learn

Interact with the Instructor

Classroom Training • Get Your Queries Answered • Code along with the Class
  • Classroom Training
  • Get Your Queries Answered
  • Code along with the Class